DOORS NOW OPEN! Crowned With Purpose With Bestselling Author & Empowerment Coach Angela Aja
I HAVE ONE Mission...
To Help Women Come Into Alignment with Their God-Given Purpose, Step into Their Call & Govern Their Lives Well
(This Works Even if You’ve Just been going through the motions)
12 Weeks of Empowerment COAching For women who are ready to
Transform. Breakthrough. SOar.

Let's Jump on the Phone Together & Accomplish Some Great Things...

  • We'll take a deep dive into what's going on in your current situation
  • ​We'll break down what's blocking you and has you feeling stuck 
  • ​We'll come up with a plan and set some strategic goals to get you moving forward FAST
  • You'll walk away with your best next steps, empowered to connect to your purpose and live with passion

This Clarity Call is Perfect for the Woman Who:

  • Has experienced success, yet significance alludes her...
  • ​Is in transition, ready to step into a new chapter of her life but her comfort zone keeps wooing you back to a playing it safe...
  • Is a nurturer by nature and values serving others yet has put her own emotional well-being on the back-burner...
  • ​People often see her as "having it all together" yet secretly, she is her own worst enemy...
  • ​She has settled for being the woman she is "supposed to be" rather than becoming the woman she was created to be...
  • ​When she invests in others, they reap a massive ROI and she is now ready to invest in her own well-being...
  • ​She values personal development and her primary focus, at this time, is to improve her life so that she can live with more purpose and intention...
How would your life be different... if you could:
  • ​Re-connect to  your God-given PURPOSE  & tap into your call - without being distracted by the demands of others, the tyranny of the urgent or the mundane tasks of everyday life?
  • ​Really KNOW who you are, why you're here and what you're here to do and live in your SWEET SPOT?
  • ​Re-ignite your PASSIONS and live in your ZONE OF GENIUS - to do what lights your soul on fire?
  • ​Re-awaken your POTENTIAL and think at your NEXT LEVEL before you even get there?
  • ​Be guided by a sense of MISSION and VISION that summons you to a life of significance and fulfillment? 
  • ​Be led by your CORE VALUES and make decisions without 2nd-guessing yourself?
  • ​Be MOTIVATED by destiny instead of wandering aimlessly through life?
  • ​Go from a SETBACK to a full-on COMEBACK with CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & COMMAND of your life?

Here's the Thing...Women Are Nurturer's by Nature...

They Give & Give & Give...Taking Care of Everyone Else But They Often Question
"What's My Purpose?"

I get it...many times a woman who has been through some "stuff" becomes who she is supposed to be rather than who she was created to be. She tirelessly works to fit into the mold that has been passed down to her through the generations. It's too easy fo her to bury her deepest desires and longings, convincing herself that she does not matter. 

Her lips utter the dreaded “F” word… “I’m FINE.”  

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck in the day to day grind, driven by the demands of others or by the tyranny of the urgent! It can be maddening for her to feel like life has been diminished to a circus act, just trying to keep all of the plates spinning in the air without crashing down.

Disappointment informs her decisions and teaches her to mistrust her own decisions and the motives of others.
She has settled for just surviving and says to herself, "There's got to be more to life than this... " But, then guilt raises it's ugly head and says, "Who are you to want MORE, when life is GOOD ENOUGH???" 

Society conditions little girls to stay on the hamster wheel of life, just trying to make everyone else happy...and yet all the while, she loses her joy... 

Instead of feeling responsible for making everyone else happy, it is possible to get to know who you are under the layers of masks that you've piled on top of your true identity as a result of your past... 

If this sounds familiar, it's not your fault... BUT it IS your responsibility to take strategic action and create a real SHIFT! It's time to go from merely SURVIVING and really start THRIVING!

"Well worth it!"

“"You can't pour from an empty cup,' Angela would say...this resonated with me as a care-giver and a pastor. I was in the habit of always pouring out at the cost of depleting myself. I am so glad that I invested in ME! Her 12-week program put me on course to accomplish my goals and dreams." 
Kimber H., Pastor of Redemption Power Church
I can totally relate...
If we haven't met yet, my name is Angela Aja...
I remember not so long ago...

I had built my identity around what I DID versus who I am at my core...and then, seemingly overnight, what I DID went away! When the faulty foundations that I had built my identity on began to crack and crumble, I went through an IDENTITY CRISIS of EPIC proportions!  It stripped me of my confidence and left me questioning my purpose.

I had been busy and I had been successful, but something had been missing...ME

When the dust settled, I realized that I had spent my life trying to make everyone else happy, yet sacrificed my own joy. I remember crying to my mom one day saying, "I don't even feel like I fit in my own life."

It was at that moment when I realized that I was ready to come back home to take a deep dive into the essence of who God had created me to discover my purpose and create a significant SHIFT in my life.

I hired a coach...she helped me stop merely SURVIVNG and start THRIVING. I was able to design a life of significance, fulfillment and true joy while honoring the call on my life that had been there all along. That's why I'm so passionate about helping women articulate their purpose and live with more passion.

"I was able to reinvent my life & career after following Angela's Blueprint..."

This program helped me tremendously in sorting through all of the areas of my life that needed both healing and clarity, so that I could move forward and connect to my true purpose and God-given passion in my personal, family and professional life. 
I highly recommend Angela's program for people who are faced with any life change or are at a crossroads, and for those of you who are willing to put in the deep emotional and mental work necessary to achieve results." Lauren B., Cheif Color Strategist

"Angela not only helped me find clarity, but she helped me find my confidence!"

“Before working with Angela, I was at a crossroads. I had invested in all kinds of coaches but nothing was moving me forward. Angela is a mentor, guiding light and loving accountability coach that helped me take bold action and show up for my clients 100%. She goes above and beyond." —Nancy G., Healthy Lifestyle Coach

"This program came into my life at the moment I needed it!"

This program came into my life at the moment I needed it! I believe this was, indeed, part of God’s plan for me! You set me on a path to live on purpose - to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH again.
I am forever grateful for this program that supported my rise to be the woman God intended me to be!!”
  Brenda A., Title Company

"I even improved my health & weight issues that I had been plagued with for years..."

"Angela has been instrumental in changing my life for the Glory of God. Before partnering with her, I had a lot of self esteem issues and needed validation from others before moving forward in any area of my life."
"  Vernita P., Business Owner, Tacoma, Washington

"As a child I believed I could do anything..."

"As a child I believed I could do anything - that I was made for greatness. But then life happened and rocked that belief to it's core. I experienced setback after setback. Through this amazing experience, I reconnected with my feelings of greatness, identified my values and found my purpose again!—Silvia G., Certified Grief Specialist

"I was doing good things but I was feeling lost..."

"I was doing good things but I was feeling lost. I had a great job, volunteered and teaching Bible Study but felt totally lost! I discovered my purpose, I now have focus and I am pursuing my passions! I now love every part of me. I would have paid double for everything that happened."
"  Cori B., Social Media MavenBlogger and Comedian

"I promise you, this program will change your life and it will most definitely give you confidence at your core!"

"I knew I needed something, although I wasn't sure what. I was stuck in the middle, bogged down with life. Rushing around, trying to be everything for everyone, hold it all together, make all the ends meet and at the end of the day I felt tired, empty, purposeless. I feel like I know who I am and what I want for the first time in a very long time. —Lacie H., Publishing Strategist

"Get ready to be empowered to discover and be the woman God has created you to be!"

God’s grace, together with Angela’s voice, helped me to feel HOPE for my future in this life and realize that what the enemy would have me believe are weaknesses in me were incredible storehouses of strength! Instead of feeling aimless, my life is now driven by destiny; instead of drowning in waves of doubt and self-defeat, I now feel I can rise above the waves with the power of my voice; instead of living in uncertainty, I’m living my best life, guided my my mission and values! I’m so thankful for Angela and her ministry and recommend her wholeheartedly to any woman struggling to find her purpose or finding herself in the middle of pain.  Davida F., Missionary 

"I find myself BETTER..."

"The experience was life changing for me. It changed the direction of my thinking,  in general, my belief in myself and in the power that I hold within me to change my situation. —Angie S., Teacher

"Get ready to be empowered to discover and be the woman God has created you to be!"

“Angela works with heart and passion! She helped me find my purpose again and gain balance, joy and growth in my personal life as well as with my business. I am very grateful I had the opportunity and experience of working with Angela."  Nicole B., Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

"Angela brings incredible insight and healing..."

"Angela possesses a rare quality that allows her to customize and guide each session in a way that brings incredible insight and healing.—Allyson M., Entrepreneur

"Coaching with Angela was perfect timing and prepared me for all that life brought my way!"

“I am graetful for the mindshift that occured during my time coaching with Angela. It helped me to have a different perspective on EVERYTHING. Doing the exercises produced strength, endurance and greater change within me." 
—Tanya R., Esthetician & Author
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